Re-envisioning ‘Home’ for Patients with Dementia

~ by Carol Vartuli “I want to go home.”  That’s a common plea from people with advancing dementia. Family members often take it literally, and try to convince Mom that she is indeed at home, or in a hospital, or visiting elsewhere. They’re responding to a seemingly logical question with a logical explanation. The answer […]

Making the Most of Retirement Living Options

~ by Richard Sgaglio Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life without the burdens of owning a home. If you’re thinking about making the move to a Life Plan Community, then you’ll want to know about the choices that come with it. Different Options for Different Needs Seniors have different levels of mobility […]

Tips for Downsizing

~ by Carol Vartulli You’re headed for fresh, new surroundings, where you’ll be free from the care of a house and yard.  Yet, the transition can be bittersweet: You’ll need to shed belongings, and the task may seem overwhelming. The process is more manageable when you divide it into stages; here are some tips to guide […]

Is Home Care Right for Mom?

~Richard Sgaglio As we age, we still want our independence. Many older Americans are choosing to stay in their homes longer and “age in place.” This trend allows people to remain in their family home surrounded by familiar furnishings that make them feel comfortable and safe. But as we get older, certain activities that once […]

Let’s Help Each Other Overcome Ageism

~ Carol Vartuli Many younger people do not think about the subtler signs of ageism. After all, Grandma is tiny, and she is cute. But when a grocery clerk refers to her as “young lady,” it is disrespectful. Likewise, when a younger man uses a parental voice and addresses an 80- year-old as “buddy,” it is […]

Nutrition for Healthy Aging

~ by Jennifer Christensen Everyone is talking about food these days!  Heartfelt discussions about where the food is grown, how wide the chickens can roam and what exactly GMO stands for have replaced calorie and carb counting as topics for the lunch room. The good news is that being mindful of what we eat is […]

Growing Love as We Grow Older

~ By Jennifer Christensen It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. For some this conjures up images of high-school sweethearts or cartoon characters kissing against a Technicolor sunset. We may remember cutting out red paper hearts and gluing them together with paper doilies and glitter to present to our favorite teacher, classmate or […]

When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living for Mom or Dad?

~ By Richard Sgaglio If you have an aging parent, you probably have already thought, “Is my mom or dad safe living home alone?” This is a difficult issue for many families.  As people live longer lives, many older Americans want to stay in their homes as long as possible and caregiver children must be […]

Does Fidgeting Counter the Harmful Effects of Sitting?

By Deb Garvin What happens when you are sitting all day?  Do you fidget?  You might be doing something that is actually good for your health!  If you fidget it counts as exercise, no matter how slight.  The best part – scientists will agree! When we are sitting behind our desks in our chairs fidgeting, […]

What’s the Best Medicine for a Cough?

What do you take to stop a cough?  This time of year allergies are about to kick into high gear.  Colds and flu just don’t want to give up!  With that, the gift that keeps on giving is the dreaded cough!  When you walk into a drug store in search of relief, it is hard […]

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