WellSpring Wednesday – How to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes and Ticks

So, it is finally here!!  Sunshine and warm temperatures!  You know what that means – more glorious time outdoors! That means fun in the sun, right?  Wrong.  With that comes all of those critters you are not so happy about.  Ticks.  Mosquitoes.  Even fleas. Health officials are warning that infections from ticks, mosquitos and fleas […]

The Osborn Celebrates 15 Centenarians

The Osborn hosted a birthday celebration for residents turning 100 this year and those who have already passed that significant milestone. Fifteen residents of The Osborn are in this esteemed group and 13 came to the luncheon hosted by President and CEO, Matt Anderson and members of the senior staff.  Talk around the table included shared memories […]

Learning About the Genetics of Longevity at The Osborn

The Osborn welcomed over 120 people last Wednesday to hear researcher Dr. Nir Barzilai talk about his findings into genetic connections with longevity and current studies in treatments for aging. Dr. Barzilai is the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The event, part of The Osborn’s WellSpring […]

What’s the Best Medicine for a Cough?

What do you take to stop a cough?  This time of year allergies are about to kick into high gear.  Colds and flu just don’t want to give up!  With that, the gift that keeps on giving is the dreaded cough!  When you walk into a drug store in search of relief, it is hard […]

Those Two Minute Breaks? They Add Up

If you walk for two minutes and repeat the walk over many times does that have a positive impact on your health?  How about walking 10 minutes?  Can you do that three times a day?  The benefits of living longer seem to be the same with each pattern according to a new study of physical […]

Great Show on Good Living with Michele Thomas – Tuesday, April 3rd

Pour your coffee.  Make it an especially aromatic blend this morning.  On Tuesday, April 3rd tune to AM1490WGCH when Michele will be sitting down with Ruth Sutcliffe.  Ruth is the founder of The Scent Guru Group, LLC and the creator of Essential Awakenings Smell and Memory Kit. Sutcliffe is a 30-year veteran of the flavor and fragrance industry.  […]

WellSpring Wednesday – The Maternal Grandparent Advantage

Generation Grandparent Happiness is a grandchild!  As our children get older and start settling down, face it, we think baby booties!  What could be a more amazing experience then spending time with your child’s child?  Does what we envision work out better if it happens to be our daughter’s baby? You hear paternal grandparents often […]

WellSpring Wednesday – Quantifying Benefits of Owning a Dog

Just how good is walking a dog for you?  Is it truly yet another health benefit?  Yet another great reason to own a dog? A British study found older dog owners who walked their dogs at least once a day got at minimum of 20 percent more activity than people without dogs.  They also spent less time […]

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’

Most of us exercise to stay fit.  We want to stay heart healthy, slim and trim.  As you get older, sometimes it gets more difficult to find that get up and go.  What if remaining physically active could actually keep our muscles healthy.  More importantly, our immune system healthy. There are two new studies of recreational […]

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