Is Home Care Right for Mom?

~Richard Sgaglio

As we age, we still want our independence. Many older Americans are choosing to stay in their homes longer and “age in place.” This trend allows people to remain in their family home surrounded by familiar furnishings that make them feel comfortable and safe.

But as we get older, certain activities that once seemed simple can become more difficult to manage. Bathing, dressing, cooking, laundry and cleaning might leave her exhausted or expose her to safety risks.  Sometimes family and friends can help, but it can strain relationships when “quality time” gets

A Home Health Aide can help your Mother safely age in place.

replaced by care time. One way to make sure your Mom’s life at home is healthy and safe is to seek the assistance of a trained home health aide.

Having your own personal caregiver is one of the best and most comfortable options for seniors who would rather live in their own home but require additional help on an ongoing basis.

What Do Home Health Aides Do?

Some Home Health Aides are specially trained to work with people as they age. They can be an excellent resource to help Mom stay happy, healthy and safe in her own home. Depending on her needs and abilities, your aide can help her with personal care, preparing meals, and chores around the house. They will help keep her organized with medication and appointment reminders – even run errands when she needs grocery shopping done or a prescription picked up.

The Benefits are Many

Having a professionally trained aide can help families in so many ways. Safety is a big concern for adult children when their parent ages in place and the risk of falls increases. An aide can offer suggestions to reduce tripping hazards and suggest other ways to keep your Mom safe and avoid unnecessary visits to the hospital.

Getting proper nutrition and managing medications can also be challenges to
your Mom’s health as she gets older. When there is an aide helping at home, Mom is more likely to take her medications on schedule and have healthy choices at meal times.

Many of us will serve as a caregivers for a loved one at some point in our lives. When this happens, we often spend more of our time “doing” than simply visiting with them. Using home care services can reduce the burden of caring for a loved one and allow more quality time with them.  There is a tremendous peace of mind knowing that your Mom is safe and well cared for, even if you can’t always be there.

Making the Right Choice

There are many reasons to consider home care options for a family member. Having a professional home health aide is less expensive than the costs associated with assisted living; the sense of well-being that your family will achieve is invaluable.

The best time to review these options is before there is major health issue. To arrange a complimentary assessment at home, please contact Osborn Home Care, (914-925-8221 in Westchester County, 203-641-7683 in Fairfield County) or visit

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