Making the Most of Retirement Living Options

~ by Richard Sgaglio

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy life without the burdens of owning a home. If you’re thinking about making the move to a Life Plan Community, then you’ll want to know about the choices that come with it.

Different Options for Different Needs

Seniors have different levels of mobility and varying degrees of health. Some are healthy, independent

Independent Living offers new friendships and options for a healthy lifestyle.

and looking for an active lifestyle with lots of programs and social activities. For these people, Independent Living can provide a rewarding lifestyle with opportunities to form relationships with similar, like-minded people.

Other seniors are relatively healthy individuals who might need extra help with their daily routines, like bathing and dressing, or remembering medications and keeping up a healthy diet. This is when Assisted Living is a great option.

A Life Plan Community includes both Independent and Assisted Living, as well as Skilled Nursing and Memory Care, if those resources are ever needed.

What’s the Difference Between Assisted Living and Independent Living?

Independent and Assisted Living communities have many similarities. Residents remain independent for as long as possible, they live in their own apartments and  can take part in activities and enjoy dining options.

The main difference is the amount and nature of care and support provided. In addition to help with daily routines, Assisted Living staff are trained caregivers on hand to look after residents’ safety and wellbeing around the clock.

Independent Living residents don’t need this type of everyday support unless there a health incident that requires temporary or even permanent help. Communities like The Osborn allow residents to hire a professional aide to help at home. If the need is acute, residents are encouraged to transition into a level of care better suited to their needs.  Being part of a Life Care Community means that different levels of care are all available in one place.

The Advantages of Life Plan Communities

Historically, retirement has been viewed as a time of rest and relaxation. Seniors today want to be more active, learn new things, and make new friends, free from responsibilities of home maintenance, grocery shopping, cooking and commuting.

Independent living makes that possible. On site staff take care of the home maintenance, grounds keeping and repair work. Housekeepers make sure apartments are clean and tidy.

Residents can enjoy preparing meals in their own kitchens, or choose from different meal plans and meet up with friends to dine in a restaurant-style setting. Chefs and dining staff provide meals in comfortable settings — and someone else does the dishes!

Some seniors continue driving for as long as they can. Independent Living is not different from being in your family home; there are parking spaces or garages for residents who wish to use their cars.

Driving does becomes harder as we get older. Night vision issues can pose safety risks. If someone no longer wants to drive, they can take advantage of transportation that is provided for Independent Living residents. They can go shopping, to events, appointments, or other outings with a professional driver at the wheel.

Living in Community

At the heart of the Independent Living experience is the opportunity to explore personal interests and develop new relationships. Living in a community setting helps guard against isolation and loneliness – an unhealthy state at any age.

Life Plan communities are a great choice for people who want the most lifestyle options with the peace of mind of knowing that you or your loved one can choose the ideal setting to enjoy life even as your needs change.

If you or your loved one is wondering about Independent or Assisted Living, or other senior living options, please visit or call 888-9-OSBORN.

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