Seeing Well Into The Future

~ By Jennifer Christensen One of the inconveniences of aging is the natural lessening of our ability to see small print or make out objects in the dark. We may have to reach for our reading glasses when reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant. That’s a normal process called Presbyopia when you can’t […]

Art Therapy Inspires Joy and More

~By Elissa Gould, ATR-BC (Board Certified Art Therapist) Successful aging is often linked to a person’s level of activity and engagement. Naturally, the degree of to which the activity is personally meaningful improves their satisfaction, as does how they are feeling as they navigate the aging process. Though aging can be a positive experience, it […]

Osborn Names Honorees for Foundress Award

The Osborn Foundation announced the honorees for the 2019 Foundress Award: Dawn French, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Outreach at White Plains Hospital and Jana Seitz, President of the Board of  The Edith Read Wildlife Sanctuary in Rye. The fifth Annual “Women Who Make a Difference” Foundress Award luncheon will be held on Wednesday, […]

Safe Summertime Livin’

~Carol Vartuli Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.  Or so the Gershwin song goes.  (Link: But easy doesn’t mean living completely carefree.  Longer days beckon us outdoors, exposing us to heavy doses of sun and heat.  Add in physical exercise, and our bodies can dehydrate rapidly.  Heat exhaustion – even heat stroke – are possible. […]

Planning Ahead Improves Peace of Mind in Retirement

~Jennifer Christensen As we imagine our future in retirement, our thoughts turn dreams of a stress-free life. Proper planning now can make that dream a reality. Getting started If you are moving from home after many years, it can be a daunting task. Making lists and tagging items is a good first step. Give yourself […]

What is Aphasia?

~Richard Sgaglio June is National Aphasia Awareness month. Although about 2 million people in the U.S. are living with Aphasia, according to the National Aphasia Association, very few of us even know what the disorder is. Basically, Aphasia is the loss of your ability to use language in some way. It can be caused by […]

Mindfulness and the Myth of Multitasking

~Jennifer Christensen Do you ever find yourself doing two things at once (or three or four)?  The velocity of information and technology-enabled task management has made our lives more complicated than ever.  Gone are the days when we just stirred the soup without listening to television, radio or talking on the phone at the same […]

Re-envisioning ‘Home’ for Patients with Dementia

~ by Carol Vartuli “I want to go home.”  That’s a common plea from people with advancing dementia. Family members often take it literally, and try to convince Mom that she is indeed at home, or in a hospital, or visiting elsewhere. They’re responding to a seemingly logical question with a logical explanation. The answer […]

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